Photo Credit: JoJo Saeva Photography

My name is Julian Simons and I am hard of hearing. I am a cinematographer and photographer. I am currently based in Austin, TX.
It’s all started with the family/friends shooting on an old fashion film camera in 90’s making stupid videos/pictures for fun.
Once I got older, I started making videos/pictures while doing other things, I instantly fell in love with telling stories. They brought stores to my eyes that my mind would write in my head. A story always has a beginning, middle and ending. There was just something so special about people watching your hard work.
Fast forward a few years, I have found my passion for cinematography/photography and started working with brands to make their idea comes to life. I am just a filmmaker nerd who enjoys creating and developing various content. It is FUN!
I have 7+ years of professional in video production/photography. Let me know what you are after and I can help you make it happen!
You can also view my video production company for more info: Mighty Wolf Media LLC
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